Two thefts in Monroe shopping district

Archie Kinnane

By Grace Hawkins

This afternoon, there were two incidents of theft in the Monroe shopping area across the street from Grady’s football field. Both victims were Grady students. One’s laptop was stolen at Starbucks and the other’s unchained bike was taken from the outside rack between Starbucks and Mellow Mushroom. There has been a formal police investigation into the computer incident, which occurred at 5:18 p.m. The girl had gotten out of her seat for mere seconds when the culprit quickly took the student’s white Apple laptop off of her seat and ran out of the store and through the parking lot, witnesses say. A suspect has been apprehended by the police and the victim is currently in the process of identifying him and the stolen property.

There was no investigation called in for the bike incident.

Violet Conway, Grady junior, witnessed the laptop theft.

“I saw [the thief] walk in, and he kind of just walked around a bit, and then went out,” Conway said. “A couple minutes later, he walked back in, really fast, grabbed it, and ran out.”