Courage West-Tankoo, senior


Jamie Marlowe

Courage West-Tankoo is a senior who enjoys baking and standing up for issues she believes in through activism. West-Tankoo said she finds joy in baking and activism in particular because she views these hobbies as forms of self-expression.

“I think [my hobbies] mirror my surroundings,” West-Tankoo said. “My dad is a chef, and my mom has done human rights in the past, so I sort of hung on to what they did and incorporated them into my life.”

West-Tankoo is passionate when it comes to her beliefs. She is involved with local activist organizations and participates in other forms of activism in her community. She was recently named a student advisor on the Partnership Against Domestic Violence Board, working to put an end to domestic violence.

“I feel like helping people, whether through activism, baking or something else, is how I get through some of the things that are going on in my life,” West-Tankoo said.