Peachtree Road Farmers Market returns to customer satisfaction


Courtesy of Peachtree Road Farmers Market

On a warm Saturday morning at The Cathedral of St. Philip, people line up to get food and other products from various vendors.

Shea Edwards

This year marks the 16th season at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market (PRFM). Housed at the Cathedral of St. Philip, the non-profit organization provides live music, food and more from over 50 vendors. PRFM is one of the largest and oldest farmers markets across the state of Georgia. After a hiatus due to COVID, PRFM is back in full swing.

During the beginning of Covid, and even as life eased back into normal, masks were required at the market and people weren’t able to try any products before buying them.

“It was interesting to navigate the farmers market without being able to do samples,” former manager for the PRFM and now a representative for Bamboo Juices Derrick Hunter said. “Without being able to try anything, people just had to take your word for it.”

Some businesses got busier during Covid. Healthy food options and juices , like those available at Bamboo Juices, had an increase in demand by the public.
“Immune boosting shots are offered at Bamboo Juices, which got really popular during the beginning of the pandemic, and because of that, their business ramped up,” Hunter said.

Not only is the market a local crowd-pleaser, attracting many for its fun products and delicious food, but the market is enjoyable for the vendors as well.

“There is a very strong local following at the [PRFM],” Greg Kelly, owner and shepherd at Dayspring Dairy based in Gallant, AL said. “That’s what makes [PRFM] so different from any other market we go to.”

Many vendors at the market produce certified naturally grown or certified organic prepared food that is sustainable and ethically sourced.

“We make produce that doesn’t have any pesticides or herbicides or anything like that so the people we sell to are ensured healthy and safe produce,” Musa Hasan, owner of Bread and Butter Farms, said.

Despite some who aren’t able to spend money at a farmers market, this particular market works hand-in-hand to help make sure that the healthy products can be exposed to less-fortunate people. One of the many unique qualities of the market is that it is a ‘Wholesome Wave’ market in which double SNAP (EBT/food stamps), a dollar-for-dollar match for products including fruits and vegetables, are accepted as payment. For example, if you pay 10 dollars for fruit, you get another 10 dollars to spend on other products in the market.

“I like the market so much too because one of our goals as a business is creating a food pipeline from our farm to food insecure areas in the Metro Atlanta area, and we can do that with this market,” Hasan said.

A lot of work is put in to make the PRFM what it is and ensure it remains among the best markets nationally in addition to locally.

“The people, the customers are the best part of the market,” Hasan said. “[PRFM] does a lot of advertisement and marketing, and they’re consistent. From a business standpoint, you want as much consistency as possible.”

The PRFM has been described by several people, customers, vendors and managers, including Hunter, as ‘something special.’ The market has become a tradition for customers that they can look forward to to start their weekend activities with family and friends.

“I just love going to the market because it’s a great way to get healthy foods, listen to some music and overall have a fun time,” customer Mischa Brecher said.

Covid-19, among other issues, has not and will not stop the Peachtree Road Farmers Market from continuing to be a thriving and upbeat aspect of Atlanta.

“Everyone is happy to be there; everyone has a kind of pep in their step,” Hunter said. “It’s a really cool place to be, and it’s a fun atmosphere, truly.”