Twins Ross and Duncan Smith hope to bolster boys golf team


Reed Ely

Duncan (left) and Ross Smith (right) practice their putting during a training session.

Sam Silcock, Writer

Fraternal twins Ross and Duncan Smith have played competitive golf for over five years honing their talent and skills by playing in tournaments around the state. Now varsity athletes as freshmen, the Smiths hope to contribute to the boys golf team.

The Smiths’ have played golf since they were eight, both of them playing recreationally until 2017 when they participated in their first competitive tournament. The Smiths’ father and Midtown golf coach Craig Smith has enjoyed watching them progress.  

“Over the past few years I’ve really enjoyed going to watch Ross and Duncan compete with other top level golfers at tournaments,” Craig Smith said. “It’s been great to see them improve so much and watching them is a fun way to spend the weekend.”  

Golf requires strategy and calmness. According to Craig Smith, Ross and Duncan Smith’s strongest growth has been their mentality.    

“The twins’ temperament has improved the most the past couple of years as they matured,” Craig Smith said. “It has really helped their games get better I think because golf is an emotional, temperamental game.” 

After growing as players through hours of practice, and winning multiple competitions, Ross and Duncan Smith have started to play at a higher level. 

“I’ve qualified for worlds a couple of times which is like the best junior golfers from all around the world playing each other, and last year I won the Georgia state competition for my age group,” Ross Smith said. 

As new members on the Midtown boys golf team, the twins have high hopes for the team and what they can achieve.

“The goal is to win state,” Ross Smith said. “It will be close though some of the teams from last year had scorers in the high 60’s so we’ll have to play good, but we have a pretty solid team and I’d like to think we have a pretty good chance to place well.”

Despite being twins, Ross and Duncan Smith have varying strengths from one another. They have developed different styles of games that they hope can bring new things to the golf team. 

“Ross is more of a power player than me, he has more length in his game,” Duncan Smith said. “I’m more of a field player and a positional player, my style is a lot more of a home made type of golf game

Junior Riley Ruby played on the same golf team as Ross and Duncan Smith at Inman Middle School. He believes that Ross and Duncan Smith can help the team improve significantly . 

“Ross and Duncan are both great players and teammates,” Ruby said. “Both of them have different aspects of their game that can be what it takes to help Midtown take the next jump. I think they will strongly contribute to success for our team this year.”  

Having played in high level tournaments before, Ross and Duncan Smith don’t feel the stress that being on a varsity team as freshmen brings.

“Compared to some of the tournaments I’ve played in in the past the pressure of being on this team isn’t that high,” Ross Smith said. “I just put my head down and play most of the time.” 

The twins push each other to improve and get better every day. 

“There’s definitely a rivalry between us but I think it’s good for the both of us,” Duncan Smith said. “I mean part of what motivates me is Ross. We both have competitive natures and push each other to improve.” 

For the time being the twins are just ready for the season to get underway. Ruby is excited to have them as part of the team.

“I played with them in middle school so I know that they are great players,” Ruby said. “They both are pretty competitive which will help them succeed. I’m hopeful for what’s to come this year.”