Students explore possibility of flag football team


Carolyn Harty

Sophomore Caitlin Stanley and Junior Chloe Walker put up flyers with a scannable QR code to gauge interest in a girl’s flag football team at Midtown.

Carolyn Harty

A new sport is on the rise at Midtown: girls flag football.

Sophomore Caitlin Stanley and junior Chloe Walker took an interest in creating a flag football team after the varsity football team was dismantled after the first game last fall.

“When we first found out about not having a football team, I surveyed my grade going through a process about what we could do to replace it,” Walker said. “I asked if people would prefer powder puff or flag football, and people chose girls flag football.”

As schools in the Metro Atlanta, including Pace Academy and Decatur, began to develop their flag football programs this year, Stanley took an interest as well.

“I have a lot of friends who have flag football teams at their high schools, and they brought up the idea to me,” Stanley said. “A lot of my softball friends play girls flag football at Pace and really enjoy it.”

Stanley and Walker are still in the process of figuring out what region the team would be in, which teams they would play, and who could coach the team.

Some high school flag football leagues combine regions to play teams all across the city. Midtown would most likely be in Class 5A, but play teams from other classifications as well.

“I think we could have a flag football team that would play other schools,” Walker said, “And another [team] that would be like a scrimmage team, replacing the Friday night football where seniors and sophomores play, and freshman and juniors. That way we would have something to do as a school on Friday nights.”

The girls are looking for Midtown staff that would be interested in helping the team.

“I think coaches and funding would come up once we get some more interest,” Stanley said. “I think it would be cool if we could get a gym coach or maybe a teacher that would be interested in helping out.”

Sophomore Harrison Briggs, who played on the varsity football team his freshman year, said the girls flag football team is a good way to highlight girls sports.

“I think it’s a good idea to have this team,” Briggs said. “It’s good to have girls represented in the sports community and this is a great way to showcase their talent.”

Briggs learned about the idea of a girls flag football team when North Atlanta facilitated powder puff games, which were grade-wide girls flag football games, coached by boys at the school.

“I really wanted to be a coach for a powder puff team,” Briggs said. “At Midtown, we never got the flag football experience like schools like North Atlanta; so, I think it would be awesome.”

Stanley, who participates in track and field as well as softball, and White, who plays ultimate frisbee, said their sports will aid them in flag football.

“Softball and track both really help me as an athlete,” Stanley said. “Throwing in softball could help with throwing the football, and running and agility from both sports could really help as well.”

The girls are looking for all different kinds of athletes to help develop a successful team.

“We’re really looking for girls all across the board,” Stanley said. “Whether you play soccer, tennis, softball, track, etcetera, if you can run, I think we could use you.”

Through social media and posters across the school, the word is spreading quickly about the idea for a new team.

“I’ve had a few girls text me and tell me they’re interested in having a team, and I’ve seen some flyers around the school as well as posts on social media,” Briggs said.

Although the team is still in the works, Stanley is optimistic about how a potential season could go, and believes it would be an “awesome opportunity” for female athletes to show off their athletic abilities.

“I think it would be a really cool and fun experience and keeping it low-key would be the key to getting a team together,” Stanley said. “Nothing too serious, because that takes a lot of commitment that some people don’t have. A lot of female athletes have a lot to offer, and I think we could put a good team together.”