Students place in Science Fair

Midtown High School hosted its annual Science Fair on Jan. 12. All the participating students presented their projects virtually and judges evaluated the projects virtually this year. The students and their projects will move on to the Regional Science Fair on Feb. 3.

#1  Pablo Vempala, Rohan Reddy, Oscar Strachan: “Using Machine Learning to Predict the Migration Path of Birds”
#2  Sofia Vempala: “ Studying Sexism…with Sesame Street”
#3  Shalin Bhatia and Eamon Walsh: “Which Sport Drink is Best for Athletic Performance?”

Honorable Mention:
Greyson Forster and Evan Weimann: “Hey, I’m Walking Here! An Empirical Analysis of the Comparative Efficacy of Pedestrian Crossing Indicators”
Delia Schroeder, Savannah Markham, Willa Silvis: “Power Posing and Performance: Are they Connected?”
Solunne Fedovskiy, Avi Crosby, Lily Reilly: “Testing Acne Medicine with E. Coli Culture”
Harrison Sexton and Nate Polk: “How do different golf balls effect ball flight?”
Charles Fucile and Samuel Neff: “Deflation’s Effect on Precision in Water Polo”