Style scoop: What are students wearing?

Megan Scarano

Many students express their personalities through distinct styles. Some students dress for comfort, while others dress to impress.

An abundance of new fashion trends have emerged since the last time students have been in person at school.

The pandemic gave students the time and opportunity to discover and develop their own personal styles

Students refer to older styles for inspiration. For example, early 2000’s clothes, such as low-cut jeans and tank tops, have made a comeback. Sophomore Diana Jachman has leaned into this look.

“Recently I’ve noticed I like how lower cut pants fit me more than high waisted ones,” Jachman said. “Not only have I started wearing them more but my peers have as well which just shows the comeback 2000s fashion has made.”

Affordable fashion, like thrift shopping, has become an enjoyable and sustainable way for students to cultivate a diverse style. Senior Evelyn Lowry is one example.

“I enjoy thrifting because it gives me the opportunity to find really unique pieces of clothing that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to find.” Lowry said. “It’s also a much better option environmentally than fast fashion.”

As the weather cools down, students layer up with more “sweater weather” clothes. Freshman Thalia Smith is happy to make the switch in her attire as she heads into the winter months. While some go for a more colorful look, others stick to a monotone and neutral palette. Several students complete their look with classic white shoes that match with any combination of colors.

Senior Mahala Summer accessories with a statement blue stone necklace to add a pop of color to her look Baggy streetwear, a 1990s style that is more casual but still stylish, is experiencing a comeback. Many students wear items like baggy cargo pants for comfort and style. Girls said they like to wear sport sweatpants and a sweatshirt covered in fun colors; the outfits allow them to be comfortable, but the colors and patterns make them stand out. Junior Desirae Mohammed and sophomore Daniel Ratner, pair the pants with a loose fitting t-shirt. Senior Jala Banks and sophomore Sydney Matthews consider their outfits to be both comfortable and fashionable.

“When it comes to fashion, being comfortable in what you wear and how you look is important,” Matthews said. “If you feel good then you look good.”

Some students like to take “throwback” farther than the 1990s and find inspiration in historical fashion styles. Many fashion staples, such as corsets, have been revived as popular fashion trends in the 21st century. Freshman Amelia Ensworth is one such example. She experiments with all black attire dressing herself in a shiny black corset, alongside a velvet cape.

“[I wear] whatever makes me feel happy,” Ensworth said. “I like to think I dress like a dark fantasy character.”

For students inspiration doesn’t just come from earlier trends from the 1990s and 2000s. Popular social media sites such as Pinterest provide students an opportunity to explore their fashion sense and garner more ways to express themselves. Sophomore Sydney Matthews gets most of her fashion inspiration from Pinterest.

“I would describe the way I dress as casual,” said Matthews. “Occasionally preppy or grungy, it’s really up to how I’m feeling that day.”

Style and fashion can give students an outlet to express how they are feeling and who they want to be.

“To me my style gives me a sense of freedom,” Pruit said. “It is something I have full control over, which is nice.”