Homecoming Spirit Week brings students together

Lindsay Ruhl

After over a year and a half of no Homecoming, the Midtown community embraced Spirit Week with a new beginning.

The Spirit Week portion of Homecoming, in accompaniment with the basketball game, was planned by the Student Government Association. The days included “Country vs. Country Club,” “Twin Day, “Anything but a Backpack Day,” “Decades Day” and a red out and togas for seniors.

Many students said they were excited to see the school come together and share a sense of spirit.

“I like dressing up and doing Spirit Week,” sophomore Allie Planeaux said. “I feel like Spirit Week brings the school together.”

Although there was no Homecoming football game, some students appreciated there was still a sports game to attend.

“School spirit means that you support your school no matter what, even if the school is bad at sports,” junior Sanai Johnson said. “It’s really fun to just support your school and each other.”

Junior Elizabeth Jones dressed up in 2000s attire for Decades Day.

“School spirit is about creating a good environment and being able to bond with your peers,” Jones said. “It’s fun to see everyone dressed up and really excited.”

For “Anything but a Backpack Day,” freshman Tiriyah Simpson carried around a storage container full of her school supplies.

“Carrying around this bucket all day has been hard,” Simpson said. “I fell in the hallway earlier, but it was fine since no one saw me, luckily.”

Freshman Kendajah Hernandez said she’s pleased the school decided to put aside a week for students to have fun and share spirit.

“It is important for us to have school spirit because it makes school more fun, rather than just doing tests and quizzes and stuff,” Hernandez said. “It adds something special and fun.”