Desirae Mohammed, junior

Desirae Mohammed, junior

Jamie Marlowe

Desirae Mohammed is a junior who enjoys tapping into her creative side. She has already decided she wants to study chemistry in college, but her main hobbies consist of freelance writing and art.  

“It was chicken scratch when I was little, but it keeps my mind off of things,” Mohammed said. “It makes me happy. It helps me get all my emotions out. And with writing, I just love it. It lets me express my thoughts in any written form that doesn’t have to make sense.”

Mohammed has opportunities to engage in her hobbies while at school, particularly in her AP Language class. She looks forward to creating more art and doing more creative writing in the future.

“We had this assignment in AP Lang called “the things I carry,” Mohammed said. “I mean, it’s not amazing, but it’s amazing. Other than that, I guess I don’t really have a favorite drawing or anything. I improve on myself each time, so I can’t really have a favorite