Melodrama: An Inspiring New Style

Lucy Bertsch

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Lorde fans roared across social media ready for her new album, “Melodrama,” which was released on June 16, 2017. This nineteen year old has made a huge impact on the music industry, having a hit and two more creative albums.
This new album focuses on her personal life and who has influenced her during this past year. It has a more gloomy, deep feel compared to her previous albums which demonstrates empowerment through an upbeat rhythm.
She said on Twitter, “This [album] is my heart.”
Lorde’s sound is already easily defined as original, but when it mixes with the sound of other singers it creates a whole new genre. Some of the songs are similar to her most popular hit, “Royals”. While her voice sounds the same, the background music is completely different which alters the vibe to a much more intense feel.
Her album cover completely expresses the tone of her tracks. The deep blue, red and purple give it that darker feel, while the little pops of yellow and pink lighten the mood.
In all of the songs on her album she sings about a man.This man’s identity has remained a mystery to all of the curious listeners and has drawn in more and more fans. This creates a mystery to the whole album that many other artists have failed to do.
Her songs are all very different, ranging from indie rock to alternative. Two of the songs include strings instruments, while the remainder are more electropop. Her songs “Liability” and “Writer in the dark” have a Broadway feel and are about holding in something that you want to tell the world. “Greenlight” is about gossip spreading.
Lorde has gotten the pop and rock cultures to blend in a way many other artist fail to do. The album is strikingly fresh and many are wondering why she has not been featured on the radio recently. Making it big internationally without dealing with the horrors of fame is a difficult task, but Lorde has managed to keep it low-key.
Many believe that Lorde’s album has not been featured on the radio because she expresses her feelings about politics. This has created a barrier between her and her young fans, who are not yet involved in politics. She expresses her strong feelings about President Trump and his supporters in a powerful manner.
Almost all of the tour tickets in New Zealand, Australia, and United Kingdom are sold out.
“Seeing all of the tweets while southern hemisphere people are listening is killing me dead I can’t believe it’s real,” said Lorde, on Twitter, who is always mesmerized by how dedicated her fans are.
Two days before debuting her album for the world, she played it for 50 special people in New York City. She was completely ecstatic with their reaction to her new album.
Lorde’s sound has been compared to multiple artists including Lana Del Rey who has a more 70’s vibe. Del Ray’s new album is not even close to Lorde’s new album. “Melodrama” has a more intense feel and conveys a bigger meaning. Lorde’s voice is also very strong compared to Del Rey’s light and fluffy voice. Lorde has created something completely new to convey personal and political issues throughout the world.
Track List:
Green Light
Sober (Explicit)
Homemade Dynamite
The Louvre
Hard Feelings/ Loveless (Explicit)
Sober II (Explicit)
Writer in the Dark
Liability (reprise)
Perfect Places (explicit)

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