Jayla Davis, Junior

Sophie Ryan

Junior Jayla Davis, has been playing lacrosse since the eighth grade. Davis has played on the Inman team for one year, the club team Eagle Stix, and at Grady since then.

“I love lacrosse because it challenges your mind and body,” Davis said. “Since we have to run a lot sometimes you think you can’t do it or you’re gonna pass out but you push for your team you push to help turn that ball over or get it down the field.”

Davis has been playing at Grady since she was a freshman, and for the past two years has been playing defense on the varsity team. Lacrosse has dared Davis to drive herself further and allowed her to create lasting bonds with her teammates.

“Lacrosse is special because I always try to quit things I’m good at because of confidence, but with lacrosse you have a community of people to check up on you and help you along the way.”