Delia Schroeder, freshman

Ava Smith

Freshman Delia Schroeder started playing volleyball the summer before 6th grade. She played for three years while at Inman Middle School and also plays for a club team.

“[Volleyball] was one of the first sports that I really enjoyed playing,” Schroeder said. “I really like the sport because of the friends I have made. Some of my closest friends have been made through volleyball.”

She is a setter, and while Covid-19 has meant she can’t play indoor volleyball, Schroeder has still found ways to play the sport she loves, including by participating in some outdoor volleyball tournaments that follow Covid-19 guidelines.

“I don’t know what I want my long-term volleyball career to be,” Schroeder said. “I at least know that I want to play for the rest of my time in high school.  Volleyball is a fun sport and definitely a big part of my life.”