Brody Brostrom, Junior

Wills Barton, Sports Writer/Editor

Junior Brody Brostrom has been an advent fisherman for his entire life. Boating the waters just off of Destin Beach Florida, Brostrom has caught some crazy fish and harnessed the skills of a fisherman.

“I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember,” said Brostrom. “My dad got me into it when I was really young and it stuck. I enjoy boating the waters and reeling in the unexpected.”

Brostrom typically fishes off of his family’s boat known as the Jolly B. Over the years Brostrom and some of his fishing friends have caught some truly spectacular fish.

“The best fish I’ve probably caught was a swordfish,” said Brostrom. “The baby was a 110 pounder and it took us almost the whole day to reel it in. It was an amazing catch and super cool to be that close to a swordfish.”