Staying virtual was right decision

Malaya Tapp, Sophomore

When I received the intent to return survey on Dec. 3rd, my first thought was, “So soon?” 

I had received a similar email in November, and it had been easy to make an immediate decision with my current situation: my siblings were doing online learning; my mom was doing online teaching, and my aunt was busy starting up her Covid-19 testing business. Chances were there would have been no one to take me to and from school, and it would inconvenience everyone. 

Now, I couldn’t make such an effortless decision. Things had changed. For one, this semester I had new classes that are more hands-on and can’t be taught over a computer screen. I miss my routines, the constant change and the variety that I normally experience at school. With quarantine, I’ve been doing the same thing every day. After discussing the possibility of returning to in-person school with my mom and aunt, it was decided that it would be best for the family if I continued to stay home. 

My situation hadn’t changed enough that my decision would change. My siblings are still staying home for school; my mom’s still teaching online, and my aunt now has a booming Covid-19 testing business. Going to school would still be an inconvenience. 

Though I was originally uneasy with my family’s decision, I’ve come to appreciate it. After talking to my friends who did go back to school, it seems like they’re doing the same thing everyone at home is doing, but sitting at a desk at school. To me, it doesn’t seem worth it. Why sit in a classroom and watch Zoom, when you can do the same thing at home in a comfortable and safe environment?

 Some people claim that they’re focusing better at the school building, which may be true, but I feel like you recieve more focused teaching if you’re online. Most kids opted to stay home, so the majority of the teachers’ classes are online. So far, it feels like they interact with and cater more towards the online kids. 

At this point, I’m satisfied with my decision to stay home, and I recommend it to anyone who’s trying to decide whether they should stay virtual or not. You get the same type of teaching (maybe even better), you do the same classwork, you can keep yourself and your family safe, and you can do it all in your pajamas. What’s not to love?