Grayson Abbott, Junior


Courtesy of Grayson Abbott

Abbott is seen running with the ball in a match. Abbott started playing rugby in seventh grade.

William Randall

Junior Grayson Abbot plays rugby at a local club named “Atlanta Youth Rugby”. For a majority of his middle school and high school years, Abbott has played in the back line position. Abbott most enjoys playing because it challenges him. 

“I enjoy that it tests your physical and mental capabilities as it’s a very multi- dimensional sport,” Abbott said.

Abbott concedes that he may not be the biggest or strongest player but he gets things done through his quick thinking and knowledge of the game. 

“I think my best attribute would have to be my knowledge of the game along with my decision making,” Abbott said. “In rugby, it’s crucial to have those components. You can be super big but not know what you’re doing and that would really hurt a team.”