Matthew Vincent, Junior

Elise Isakov

Junior Matthew Vincent can be found playing the guitar for Grady’s Jazz Band, but more recently he has performed in the comfort of his living room. His beginnings as a musician were somewhat unexpected, but his love for music runs deep.

“My parents had always been really into music,” Vincent said, “I remember when I was really young I would take car rides with my dad really early in the morning to school and he would always have Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson on, so I sort of grew up on that.”

Although he is not looking to go to college for simply musical endeavors, he wants it to remain a big part of his life.

“There was a time when I wanted to go to Berkley College of Music and study Jazz,” Vincent said, “… but soon my other aspirations outpaced that, so now when I’m looking at colleges… if they had a good music program, it would be more of a bonus rather than a deciding factor.”