Zola Sullivan, senior

Katie Dwyer

Zola Sullivan is the captain of the Grady Lacrosse Team and plans to attend Vassar College to continue their lacrosse and academic career. Sullivan plans on majoring in studio art and philosophy. This unique contrast between a contact sport and artistry provides Sullivan with the perfect combination of an athletic and creative outlet.

“Whenever people hear that I play lacrosse or that I would like to major in studio art, they are always surprised at the contrast between the two activities and my equal passion for them,” Sullivan said. “However, to me they are both channels of connection and growth. Lacrosse being a place where I can grow socially and as a leader through connections with my teammates, and the arts being the intersection for so many voices of all backgrounds and mediums. Through both of these interests I have learned so much about myself and my treatment of others, as well as ways in which I can give back utilizing these passions.”