Six Flags implements ‘Hallow Fest’ covid procedures


Courtesy of Six Flags Over Georgia's Instagram

Six flags worker, having fun while displaying safety measures. Everyone is required to wear mask.

With Halloween just a day away, some students still want to celebrate, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. However, others have chosen to stay inside to avoid the risk of being exposed to the virus.

Six Flags Over Georgia’s “Hallow Fest,” is one option. The “Hallow Fest” event started Sept. 18 and will close Sunday, Nov. 1. After 6:00 p.m., the park will turn into a scare zone.

Some students are concerned about the safety of returning to the theme park this year, fearful that going into big crowds commonly seen at Six Flags, could risk their health.

“Most of my friends are planning on playing it safe and just staying inside,” sophomore Taylor Morris said. “All the times that I’ve been to Six Flags, they have had so many people that it takes me forever to get on the ride. If it’s going to be the same this time, I don’t want to go.”

Students who have considered going are now skeptical after reading the warning given on the Six Flags website. The warning states, “Guests should evaluate their own risk in determining whether to attend.”

The website warning discouraged some students from going.

“I was planning on going to ‘Hallow Fest’ until my dad asked me to check their website to see if they had any rules we had to follow in order to go,” sophomore Nyla Ferguson said. “It seemed like they didn’t have any effective rules set in place to try and prevent people from getting infected. They weren’t specific enough.”

Covid-19 has affected businesses across the country, and facilities like Six Flags have a harder time adjusting. Park President Dale Kaetzel wants visitors to have fun with few worries while in the park.

“We do in fact make sure that everyone that steps through the gates has a mask,” Kaetzel said. “We also have a new rule where people have to skip a seat when they are on rides. To avoid less physical contact, we try to encourage people to keep a distance while in line. People pay a lot of money to come to Six Flags, and we don’t want to ruin the fun with too many rules.”

Though the park has safety guidelines, exposure to the virus is still a possibility.

“Parents have called in and submitted comments on our website in regards to Covid procedures that are being held. Honestly, we can’t control what all of these people do everyday at Six Flags,” said Casandra Jones, human resources manager. “I usually tell people to do what they can to keep themselves safe, but nothing is guaranteed.”

The park encourages visitors to social distance to avoid physical contact with others. Not all visitors are following social distancing guidelines.

“I was fine with most things that I saw at Six Flags when I went … but there was barely any social distancing,” sophomore Joshua Cross said. “There were some people that would stand at a distance in the lines, but most of the people that came together would stand as close to each other as they wanted. If it were me, I would, too because it’s not fun when you have to social distance at an amusement park.”

Sophomore Aja Lewis said going to the park when it’s less crowded would be safer, but less fun.

“Most people I know are pretty much trying to play it safe, but I always like to have fun, so I don’t really care,” Lewis said.