Robert Bryant (D)

Robert Bryant (D)

Robert Bryant is the Democratic candidate for Georgia’s District 1 Public Service Commission race. If elected, he would be only the second/third (depending on the District 4 race)  Black commissioner in PSC’s history. His platform emphasizes the partnerships he would create with universities and research centers in Georgia to help make informed decisions. 



  • Lower the environmental footprint of and boost the quality of internet accessible to Georgia residents, specifically increasing  rural access to to internet and broadband technology

Renewable Energy  

  • Emphasize the use of alternative and renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power

Cost of Energy 

  • Work to reduce energy costs by increasing energy efficiency in homes and supporting clean energy initiatives 


  • Doesn’t support the current commissioner’s handling  of Plant Vogtle but also does not support ending the project all together. He believes that none of the project’s cost overruns should be passed on to consumers.