Seniors to drop off and pick up items on May 15

Seniors will arrive during their scheduled time slot to pick up items attributed to their senior fees and drop off items owed to the school on May 15. Cap and gowns, diploma covers, yearbooks, diplomas and refund checks will be distributed if applicable. Textbooks, ROTC uniforms, sewing machines and library book collections will be collected. There will be two stations, with Station One being located at the bus lane on Eighth Street and Station Two at the carpool lane in the Tenth Street parking lot. Every vehicle must have the student’s name written in large, legible print on a sheet of paper posted to the passenger window. Students should remain in their vehicle, pull forward, and scan in using their student ID, driver’s license or permit.  The identification should be displayed with the window up. Items will be given to the students through the car window or will be placed in their trunk. As they are pulling away, students will place any items that should be collected in a flatbed cart, and this is the only time that they can exit their vehicle.  These items should be placed with a sheet of paper stating the student’s name and id number. Vehicles must immediately proceed off campus after completing the process. A make-up day will take place on May 16. The schedule with students’ time slots for both May 15 and 16 can be found HERE .


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