John Krasinski raises spirits with Some Good News channel


Photo courtesy of SGN

John Krasinski in the first episode of Some Good News.

Lanier Pickren

The widespread outbreak of COVID-19 has changed life as we know it. School is online, “social distancing” is in our everyday vocabulary and shelter-in-place orders are statewide. And everywhere you look, there is bad news, with COVID-19 death tolls rising, overcrowded hospitals and a lack of crucial medical supplies. 

This constant stream of bad news can be very discouraging, and invokes deep feelings of hopelessness. However, actor John Krasinski is here to tell us that there is good news everywhere, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Krasinski, widely known for his role of Jim Halpert in the TV series The Office, created a YouTube channel on March 29 focusing on positive news. Called Some Good News (SGN), it is self-described as a “news show dedicated entirely to good news. Hosted by John Krasinski.” The channel, not even a month old, already has gained 2.07 million subscribers. 

On his channel, featuring a custom SGN sign made by his two daughters, he posts weekly videos with the focus of boosting the morale of his viewers. Episode one featured a video-call with his former The Office co-star Steve Carrell to discuss the 15th anniversary of the popular show, as-well-as an interview with a teenager named Coco who completed her chemotherapy treatment in the midst of this current crisis. In episode two, Krasinski assembled the original cast of the Broadway musical Hamilton for an online performance for a young girl named Aubrey who was unable to go see the musical due to the pandemic. On April 17th, he hosted a live “at-home prom” for seniors which featured performances from Chance the Rapper, the Jonas Brothers and Billie Eilish. In episode four, he recapped the virtual prom, shared behind-the-scenes highlights and a message from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronauts on the International Space Station. 

In addition to these heartwarming acts, Krasinski also makes a point to highlight some of the good things people are doing in the thick of the pandemic, as the show’s name suggests. He featured a factory that produces MLB jerseys switching their production to make medical masks and gowns, as well as at-home mask-making all around the world. He also showed tweets of how people are helping out their neighbors in this hard time. 

However, the healthcare workers are the real stars of SGN. Krasinski showed his appreciation to healthcare heroes by granting Boston Red Sox tickets for life to healthcare workers in the COVID-19 unit of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He didn’t stop there, as he partnered with AT&T to pay all healthcare workers’ phone bills for three months. 

The channel and the heart-warming acts displayed on it are a refreshing breath of fresh air in these hard times. The media is filled with COVID-19 news that can feel overwhelming and discouraging, but SGN is here to let us know that hope is not lost,  and humanity is still thriving. 

Krasinski has also done what other celebrities have not. Several celebrities have put out statements and videos offering support during the pandemic but have faced backlash for appearing tone-deaf. Critics have pointed out that they put out pleas to shelter-in-place, all while reclining in their pool at their elaborate mansions and homes. Instead of this, Krasinski used his large platform to offer encouragement and highlight others who have done good, and to give hope to many that we will all get through this together.