Preview: Volleyball team hits the ground running


Hannah Martin


The Grady volleyball team started with a major advantage after beating both opponents at their first two games on Aug. 29.

“C’mon girls, let’s practice those tricks!” coach Constance Riley yelled out at a court filled with eager players. Two hours before the game even started, the volleyball team began diligently practicing strategies for beating their opponents.

The volleyball team has succeeded thus far, beating the Therrell Panthers 25-5, and the Douglass Panthers 25 to 7.  Only seven varsity players returned to the team this year, but the team still anticipates success.

“We practice every day until around 6:30 right after school,” sophomore Grace Dusenbury said. “Sometimes during late practices, our coach [Ardelia Austin] will bring in her adult team so we get to practice against a higher level. It provides more competition.”

The volleyball team intensely practices before the first game on Aug. 29.
The volleyball team intensely practices before the first game on Aug. 29.

Sophomore Grace Hawkins also has high hopes.

“This year is a good year,” Hawkins said. “We definitely have a chance at winning this year because the only competition was North Atlanta, and I think we’re better than them already.”

Hawkins said she believes the team will place at the upcoming Sept. 28 tournament. North Atlanta High School’s volleyball team is one of the biggest teams attending the APS tournament, and last year, Grady placed second to them. Still, the Grady girls remain confident they will beat their opponents and make it to the APS championship.”

“I want to definitely beat all of the APS teams,” Dusenbury said. “Last year we lost to Chamblee, and we’ve already beat them this year! I’d say we’re mostly intimidated by Marist, because we made it to state playoffs last year. We were at a really low speed, and they were a really high speed. We played them first, and they were just amazing.”

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