Final exams promote strong study habits, closure to school year

Josh Wolfe, Comment Associate Managing Editor

It is hard for me to process taking another test after preparing the entire year for the massive Advanced Placement exam, but I still believe teachers should require all of their students to take a final exam or complete a final project for their classes. From writing long essays to endless note-taking, I had to work incredibly hard in my AP classes this year so I could be as prepared as possible for the AP exam. However, I believe that each AP class is not solely about the AP exam.

Some teachers may want to cover certain topics that are not covered as heavily on the AP exam, but they may still want their students to learn and . understand those concepts.

For instance, I took the AP U.S. History exam last year, and I did not see a question that required us to know about Barack Obama’s tenure as president of the United States, but I believe Obama is a vital part of our country’s history. My point is that there are many topics that may not be in the AP course curriculum, but some teachers may want to test their students on other important concepts on a cumulative exam.

Also, I know many students complain about being burned out from a long school year and their constant preparation for the AP exam, and the last thing they want to deal with is a final exam. I find these complaints unnecessary because if students studied so hard for the AP exam, they should feel adequately prepared to do well on their final exams. If anything, a final exam would be a boost to their grade.

Even if you still feel the need to study for the final exam, it will serve as great practice for creating strong time management and study habits for the future. College will be a constant grind from day one until the end, and high school is ultimately a stepping stone for college. There is no better way to prepare for final exams in college than to have final exams in high school, especially after a grueling AP exam.

After the AP exam, students still have school for one to two more weeks, depending on when the specific test is administered. What is the purpose of remaining in school if there is nothing to close out the class? Students will not be productive in school if there is no final exam to prepare for after completing the AP test. Without a final exam after the AP test, students and teachers will be very checked out since there is no valid reason to remain in school. Instead, we will waste valuable class time by being on our phones and chatting with friends.

We work so hard the entire school year to succeed at Grady, and many of us are mentally drained by the end of the year, especially those who take many AP classes and participate in extracurricular activities. I understand and feel this pain as well, but a final exam will benefit us in the long run, and then in a flash, the school year will finally be over.