Grow up, don’t grow a belly

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By Taylor-Noel Aziz

One in 3 teenagers throughout the United States will be pregnant by age 19.

Even though “making a baby” is very easy to do, raising a child is not. Children are a huge responsibility and an even greater expense, and it is very hard to understand why teenagers who haven’t started their lives are bringing children into the world so carelessly. Girls from the ages of 14-19 go into a temporary relationship and then leave with a whole entire permanent baby. I know and meet plenty of single teenage girls who tell me things like even though it’s a lot of work they are my everything (the baby of course) and then you meet some who says things like, “DONT EVER HAVE KIDS!” and ” I wish I could have this/these same child/children, just at a later time/ with a different person.”

There are so many things that can happen to you, your baby, and even your body. Your body isn’t fully developed until the age of 25 so that means that during the ages of 14-24 your body isn’t fully developed. The baby could have a mental disability, you could die when giving birth, the baby could have a life-changing sickness. There is just so much that could happen that you should think before  having sex without a condom or even having sex at such a young age.

Do not get me wrong. I love kids. They are such a joy to have around, but for a teen in middle or high school planning to graduate, it’s just a bad idea. If you think being in school now sucks, what about trying to maintain your education while putting your child into school to get their education as well? It’s not easy, so many things to pay for in order to care for the child. A 72-pack of Diapers/swaddles is t$25 at Wal-Mart. Now multiply that by how many days the baby will actually need them.

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