DECA Club Opens Doors

Official DECA logo used across America

Official DECA logo used across America

The Southerner

By Molly Haynes

Distributive Education Clubs of America, or DECA, is a non-profit organization that spreads knowledge of business and marketing across the country for the past 70 years. DECA creates opportunities for college and high school students interested in marketing.

Since 1946, over 10 million students, educators, administrators, schools, and businesses have been affiliated with DECA nationwide. Today, 275 colleges with a total of 15,000 member and 5,500 advisors are involved with DECA. There are also 3,500 participating high schools with 215,000 members, one of which is Grady High School.

The DECA has been a club at Grady for the past 15 years. It is advised by marketing teachers at the school. Grady marketing teacher, Tony Davis, who has been involved with DECA for ten years, has been the Grady DECA advisor for three years, with the help of marketing teacher Jim Dunton.

“The first thing of advising is really just getting the officers (President of DECA, VP of Marketing, VP of Hospitality, VP of Finance, and VP of Leadership) in place to run the organization. My job is just to advise on things such as fundraising activities, memberships, competitive events, and just have a voice in what is going on.” said Mr. Davis, when asked about his leadership role in the club.

The DECA program membership has increased 84% this year, with participants growing from 25 to 46. This increase has opened more doors for DECA events. Club fundraisers, PTA sponsorship, and membership fees allow for annual trips to Regional, State, and hopefully, International competitions.

“We want to have students take more marketing classes so I can inform them of what DECA is,” said Mr. Davis, “If you don’t take a marketing class, it is kind of hard to tell you what DECA is.”

To become a DECA member at Grady High School, you have three requirements. You have to take at least one marketing class. You need to pay the fifteen dollars for membership fee, which also gets you a DECA pin. The final requirement to become a DECA club member is a good attitude and a willingness to learn.

The DECA club meets every Tuesday from 3:30 to 5:00 pm in room E108. Contact Mr. Davis or Mr. Dunton if you are interested in joining.