Kanye West’s Atlanta Concert


Jack Hudson

Smoke fills the air. Beams of light burst through disorienting the crowd in the sold out stadium. Like a god among men, Kanye West steps out on the stage to the roars of his adoring fans. His stage rises as a phoenix does from the ashes and begins to hover above the sea of Yeezus maniacs. “Father Stretch My Hands Part 1” pours over the arena, and a life changing two and-a-half hours image-2begins.

Until West sang his last note, the building did not stop shaking. Fans jumped to the iconic beats that they have come to know over the past decade. Those not in the stands utilized as much space on the customary Hawks court to show their love. His floating stage was not isolated from these vibrations, and it was truly remarkable how animated the crowd was.

Some, however, may have taken things too far. About midway through the night, an eager fan decided to join Kanye on his one-of-a kind stage. Despite this fan’s fantastic leap, he was waved off by Kanye, and he fell back down into the dancing mob. Kanye West’s simple gesture, without any physical force, was enough to loosen his pursuers grasp. This effortless defense gave credit to Kanye’s claims of god-like powers and certainly thrilled the rest of the audience adding more passion to the night. 

West possesses many personalities. At times he is an arrogant, self-absorbed person, who thinks of only himself in his life or music. His hit song “I Am a God” is a prime example of his arrogance. To many, his overwhelming arrogance is off-putting, and they see him as nothing more than a self-absorbed jerk. However, Kanye West’s various albums reflect a much more complex man. He seems to be aware of this arrogance and understands the problems it has caused in his life.

His early albums discuss his upbringing, his family, and his struggle to become this musical icon. West’s newest album, The Life of Pablo, represents the various phases of his career. One song discusses his newest clothing line’s huge success while another covers his generosity towards his friends and family. Parts of the album include sermons with a church choir backing them. Many believe that Kanye West is only an arrogant celebrity, but he is so much more than that.

During the concert, West displays many of these characteristics. In the beginning he performs his songs about his success and his wonderful life. These get the crowd going. His arrogance is embraced rather than hidden. As the night goes on, his songs begin to reflect his self-awareness about his issues and how far he has come, and by the end the crowd are in reflective states about their own lives.

Wests various states of personality are what draw fans. They relate to what he goes through, from self absorption to compassion for others in their lives. The Kanye West Saint Pablo concert in Atlanta was one not to be forgotten. His unique performance, showmanship, and talent set him in a class all by himself.


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