“Nerve” draws audience through stellar cast

Rachel Hasson

What if there was a social media game so engaging  it could ruin your life? The new action and crime movie in theaters, “Nerve,” is sure to get the young crowd at the edge of their seats this summer. Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the film is captivating, fast-paced and enjoyable from beginning to end.

Vee Delmonico (Emma Roberts) is a high school senior stuck as the sidekick of her best friend Sydney (Emily Meade). When a new online game, “Nerve,” catches their attention, everything changes. The game causes the player to take part in continuous dares earning money every time  a new dare is completed. Vee follows in Sydney’s footsteps as she joins the game, not knowing partnering with a persuasive boy, Ian, (Dave Franco) will cause her to participate in unexpected adventures. When the game takes a sudden turn, Vee and Ian find themselves trapped, and they will have to commit fully to winning, in order to survive.

From beginning to end, “Nerve” serves as a relatable film for young adults with its focus on social media and how life can revolve around it. The heartthrob Franco and Roberts attract viewers with their lovable personalities and reputations.  The soundtrack added suspense and life to the scenes as the high schoolers ride around Manhattan and Staten Island, and the visual appeal of the scenes was solid, with colorful nightlife and unique outfits. Robert’s character was very dynamic as she transformed from a shy outcast to a famous daredevil. It was noticeable how Ian pushed her character to step outside of her comfort zone, and their characters balanced each other well. With a run time of an hour and thirty-six minutes, the film is just long enough to remain engaging without losing important scenes.

It was noticeable that both Franco and Roberts could barely pass as teenagers, however, when classic high school scenes such as football games and parties were shown, that thought disappeared. The huge plot twist at the end almost made me stop watching, but Joost does a great job of providing a positive cure during the thrilling second half of the movie.

Overall, “Nerve” was an exhilarating watch and is sure to attract young adults with its spin off on everyday life, and co-stars Franco and Roberts already start the movie with a good reputation. Do you have the “Nerve” to go see this turn of events for yourself?

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