A Tall Girl’s Opinion on the Movie ‘Tall Girl’


Courtesy of IMDb

“Tall Girl” focuses on the tallest girl in her high school and how she gains the confidence to be proud of her height.

Sophie Ryan

Netflix has released many original movies of their own. One of their newest releases is the movie ‘Tall Girl’, which has sparked many mixed reviews.  
‘Tall Girl’ focuses on highschooler Jodi Kreyman, a six-foot two sophomore. The movie follows Jodi as she navigates her way through the school year, all while facing the daily bullying that comes with being a tall girl, such as constantly being asked “how’s the weather up there.”  
The movie’s title suggests it relates to girls who are tall, but many people who fit that description feel as though it does not relate to them as much as it should.  
Grady sophomore Lillian Wilson is six-foot one and only fifteen. Wilson watched the movie, and has a lot to say about the relatableness of it. 

For instance, all of Jodi’s immediate family were much shorter than Jodi and not considered tall.  With Jodie towering over them all, it makes no sense to why her family is so short in comparison. Afterall, height is genetic.
“It seems odd that Jodi’s whole family was short and she was so tall,” Wilson said.  
Wilson also believes that the teasing was over-dramatized.  Jodi got teased nearly every single day by the people in her school, but that is not the reality for Wilson.
“The other thing they got wrong was all the teasing,” Wilson said.  “I get the ‘How’s the weather up there’ joke every once in a while when I meet someone new, but it’s not a daily thing that affects my life.”
Wilson believes there are things they could’ve done differently to make the movie more realistic.  
“I think instead there should’ve been scenes with random strangers going up to her and asking [for] her height, and if she plays basketball,” Wilson said.  
There are many negative comments about how the movie portrays tall girls, however the movie did portray some relatable sentiments. 
“Similarly to Jodi, I always feel super uncomfortable with attention,” Wilson said.  
Wilson says she has been in many situations where she hears people talking about her height when she walks by. 
 “I always end up feeling insecure and uncomfortable with my height,” Wilson said.  
One trait that Jodi and Wilson have in common is the feeling that the only thing people can see is their height.
“I loved when Jodi said ‘all they see is my height’ or something along those lines,” Wilson said, “because a lot of times I feel like people who don’t know me just see a tall freak [and] not the real me.”
By the end of the movie, Jodi chooses to embrace her height and not care what others think about her.  She realizes that she can choose not to let her height define her.   
“I think the movie was kinda cheesy and cliche” Wilson said, “But overall I’ve been wanting a tall girl movie ever since I realized [that] was what made me different.”