Despite high hopes and game effort, Grady falls to Riverwood … again

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By Sydney Kruszewski

The Riverwood Raiders traveled to Grady Stadium to take on the Lady Knights on Wednesday. It was a sunny and warm afternoon when Perri Bonner and Emily Ferris took the kick off at 5:35 p.m.

The game started with promise for Grady.

Junior Abby Orlansky got a free kick outside of the Raider’s 18, but her shot missed the mark. The Raiders pushed the ball back into the Knights’ half of field. Grady goalie Marie Godiers came out to challenge a Raider player and field the ball, but she misplayed it. The Raiders got the ball around the goalie, but senior defender Lucy Leonard swooped in and extinguished the threat by kicking the ball out of bounds.

Later in the first half, Bonner dribbled the ball down the line multiple times and creating numerous scoring threats but no goals. Finally, 15 minutes into the game, Ferris ran the ball down the line and shot the ball to the opposite top corner of the goal to make the score 1-0. Another almost goal occurred when Orli Hendler headed the ball after a corner kick, but her acrobatic shot missed the goal.

The Raiders seized control of the game when they earned a free kick at the half line. The Raiders took the ball down the field where a Raider deftly crossed it over to a teammate, who finished the play with a volley to the back of Grady’s net. Shortly after the momentum-shifting and game-tying goal, Leonard received a yellow card for knocking a Riverwood player down.

Only two minutes into the second half, Riverwood earned a corner kick, and Godiers fell to the ground, enabling a Riverwood player to secure the ball and score. Trailing 2-1, Grady mounted a strong threat, thanks to some smooth passing around Riverwood’s 18-yard line, but the Knights misfired on an excellent scoring change that might have tied the game.

Later in the second half, Riverwood earned another corner kick that led to what turned out to be an essential insurance goal. Rather than crossing the corner toward the goal, the player passed the ball short, dribbled it closer and scored to make the score 3-1.

But Grady wasn’t finished yet. Ferris passed to Hendler, who fired a shot to the far right side of the goal and past the Raider goalie to cut the lead to 3-2.

Both teams worked hard throughout the entire game, making it an exciting game to watch. Grady hoped to beat Riverwood because of the the Lady Knights’ loss on penalty kicks the previous year, but the Lady Knights again ended up falling short, this time in regulation play.

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