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Young People “Thrive” Working on the Abrams Campaign

Young People “Thrive” Working on the Abrams Campaign

August 22, 2018

Nov. 6, Georgians will set out to vote in the midterm elections, which include Georgia’s gubernatorial election. Ahead of the elections, Democrats and Republ...

Georgia schools fail to comply with state voting laws

Selena Kleber

April 7, 2018

At 17 ½ years of age, you can register to vote. Voting, however, is not always a top priority among young people’s desires and responsibilities, despite it being a necessary component of civic life, especially with the recent tumultuous political climate regarding gun legislation. Is this a wake-up call for all Americans to support the right to vote? Georgia does, in f...

Not all extra credit created equal in Ga.

Sophie Rivard and James Bryan

October 6, 2017

Grady's and Atlanta Public Schools' students have ample opportunities to restore grades and re-learn concepts through numerous extra credit opportunities. However, this is not a reality in many Georgia schools. In other schools across the state, assessment retakes are infrequent and bonus assignments are far from generous. Grady offers students a variety of extra credit...

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