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Holiday presents often have unseen detrimental effects, such as adding to waste.

American holiday purchases are unethical, unsustainable

November 23, 2019

During the upcoming holiday retail season, with events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ll all buy things we don’t need just because they’re...

Junior Amarie Blackshear, listens to a speech from Danielle Millburn, as she holds a sign reading:

Different voting method necessary for fair democracy

November 21, 2019

Students have flocked to Piedmont Park to rally against climate change. They have attended a march for civil and reproductive rights earlier this year. They...

Senior Bram Mansbach (left) races Eli Hoffenfeld of Riverwood (right) to a 5th place finish and All-State honors in the Class 5A state cross country meet on Nov. 1 in Carrollton. Grady's boys cross country team finished 3rd overall.

Cross country, athletics bring growth, teach life lessons

November 19, 2019

My first day of high school did not start in August much like everyone else’s. My first day started June 1st. We met at the Candler Park pool around...

The National Society of High School Scholars charges students a $75 membership fee but provides few benefits.

Scholar society NSHSS provides students no real benefits

November 18, 2019

The National Society of High School Scholars is a scam. There are 76 complaints alone on Better Business Bureau calling out the organization NSHSS. NSHSS is a for-profit organization that established in 2002. T...

Students protest for more eco-friendly examinations

Students protest for more eco-friendly examinations

November 15, 2019

College Board has changed its policies regarding the May 2020 Advanced Placement (AP) exams, requiring students to sign up for exams in mid-November i...

Students spend countless hours on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Whatspp and YouTube.

Social media can cause more harm than good

November 5, 2019

In many instances, teenagers use their free time by browsing the Internet through social media. Whether it’s checking a friend’s latest Instagram post...

STACK THEM UP: Grady literature curriculum currently leaves most diverse books for supplemental reading while the required curriculum remains largely untouched.

Representation long overdue in Grady literature curriculum

October 31, 2019

Reading has been important to education throughout history. Books transport students to places and times, real and imagined, as well as teach students how t...

Private company CompostNow provides a weekly composting pickup service in which Atlanta customers place compost outside their houses to be taken to the CompostNow Facility.

Opinion: School should not fix its recycling problem

October 28, 2019

Recycling is ingrained into our morals as a fundamental responsibility. The triangle made of three white arrows signify everyday citizens helping the ...

Many entertainment studios have held or made grabs for Spider-Man's movie rights, including Sony and Marvel Studios.

Mismanagement of Marvel character rights disadvantages fans

October 28, 2019

Marvel movies are universally appealing. Part of their genius is that they attract a myriad of audiences. You could be there for the riveting action scenes,...

College athletes should not have to wait until becoming professional athletes in leagues like the NBA to profit from their skills.

College athletes should profit from their skills and contributions to institutions

October 16, 2019

College athletes should get paid for their efforts and the benefits they bring to their schools. A college athlete’s life is consumed by their sport,...

A new California law set to become effective in 2023 to allow college athletes to be compensated challenges the NCAA's stance on on the issue.

College athletes receive enough compensation

October 15, 2019

Recently, California Gov. Gavin Newson approved the Fair Pay to Play Act, which allows student athletes in the state to be paid for the use of their names,...

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