Keisha Sean Waites

Courtesy of Keisha Sean Waites

Keisha Sean Waites

Keisha Sean Waites is a candidate for the City Council Post 3 At-Large. Waites served 3 terms in District 60 of the Georgia House of Representatives from 2012 to 2017. Waites has worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), an organization that supports first responders and aims to mitigate danger and hazards, leading operations and affairs in the division.


  • Believes Atlanta should be a driver of economic development
  • PLans on partnership with the Georgia Department of Economic Development and Fulton County Department of Economic Development


  • Prioritizes public safety and crime prevention
  • Wants to adjust the citizen/officer ratio to account for the large population
  • States she want to reduce the high turnover of  the APD to limit danger
  • Supports the use and expansion of security cameras
  • Served on the General Assembly  on both the Juvenile Justice and Public Safety committees

Social equity

  • Plans to equitably manage the expansion and growth of the city
  • Will ensure benefits are made in all parts of the city


  • Emphasizes protecting seniors and legacy residence from gentrification
  • Promotes affordable housing and wants to re-invest in bank owned housing units
  • Supports changing zoning for multi-unit housing


  • Will make sure contractors are using up to date materials and methods for construction
  • Prioritizes ensuring water and sewer systems is update to provide clean, affordable water that supports the growing population
  • Supports trash pickup