D’Jaris James

Courtesy of D’Jaris James

D’Jaris James

James has worked as a Human Resources professional for nearly 10 years. Throughout her career, she has partnered with students to educate and guide them on plans after graduation. She founded Secrets of a Southern Belle & Gent, a college and career coaching program designed to help students make more informed educational and career choices to encourage youth to succeed.   


  • Wants to emphasize that children succeed, become high school graduates and productive citizens.
  • Intends to implement a 4-point plan P.A.C.E. Promoting Financial Literacy, Civics 101, and Career Planning & Development, looking to achieve higher overall ratings of APS and increasing funding for Project-Based Learning (PBL).

Social Equity

  • Equity is James’s leading factor for guaranteeing community transparency in her work. 
  • Ensures that APS will continue to support every student.


  • No information found.

Community Engagement

  • Wants to collaborate with the community and local businesses, establishing partnerships for student enrichment and high school transition readiness.