Jason B Allen

Courtesy of Jason B Allen

Jason B Allen

Allen has 17 years of experience working as an educator and looks to create a positive learning environment for Black Atlanta students. He is also a Special Education teacher, District Administrator, Family Engagement Specialist and a Brightbeam education activist and School Program Director.


  • Plans to help students through improving early education and workforce development.
  • Aims to provide a higher quality of education for students.
  • Wants to balance budgeting with academics.

Social Equity

  • Recognizes that schools south of Highway 20 are lacking in investments.
  • Aims to provide wraparound services.
  • Plans to implement better education infrastructure. 


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Community Engagement 

  • If elected, he plans to end what he calls a decline in leadership.
  • Plans to improve student outcomes by improving family and community engagement while prioritizing feedback and increasing flexibility for teachers and instructors.