Tamara Jones

Courtesy of Tamara Jones

Tamara Jones

Tamara Jones works in architecture and urban planning and she has been an APS parent for 15 years. She has been involved on Community Master Planning projects throughout the metro area and has served on the SPLOST Oversight Committee, the Excellent Schools Committee, and the District Executive Committee for Atlanta Public Schools. Jones has lived in Inman Park since 1996 and this campaign is her first entry into politics. 


  • Ensure every student learns to read
  • Supports the creation of a comprehensive wellness strategy that includes nutrition, mental health, ect 
  • Include financial literacy in curriculum 


  • Supports devoting resources and working with communities to determine specific barriers to attendance in order to remove them
  • Believes the Board must “build bridges between the past and the future, between a school and its surrounding community, between APS clusters, between schoolwork and a child’s lived experience” to prepare children for life “no matter their background or circumstances or individual needs”


  • Wants to develop a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan to address multiple threats, including infectious diseases, and share the plan with the community.

Community Engagement  

  • Each APS cluster needs to develop a strong working relationship with the Neighborhoods and Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) that represent their communities.
  • Build connections among APS clusters
  • Believes Every family, student, educator, and community deserves an engagement infrastructure that is authentic, predictable and reliable, and equitable