Courtesy of Jodi Merriday

Jodi Merriday

Jodi Merriday is a candidate for the City Council Post 3 At-Large. Merriday has over 30 years of experience working with public education, public service, and higher education institutions. 


  • Wants to increase minimum wage to $18.00- $22.00
  • Emphasizes creating economic opportunity 


  • Prioritizes public safety and criminal justice
  • Advocates for recruiting and training public safety responders
  • Aims to address crime at the root of the problem by providing employment and educational services to the youth 
  • Address public safety by funding the Policing Alternative Division, the Operating Shield Camera Network and the CURE Violence Program   

Social equity

  • Passionate about social justice 
  • Claims to have led over 100 organizations towards improving diversity and inclusion
  • Wants to work to stop sexism, racism, ableism, classim, homophobia and transphobia 


  • States that affordable housing will be top priority
  • Goal to have over 20,000 affordable homes by 2026
  • Plans to implement the One Act Action Affordability Action Plan


  • Supports the Atlanta Transportation Department Vision Zero
  • Prioritize partnership with the Atlanta Department of Transportation to build and complete streets, sidewalks, bridges, etc