Ralph Long

Courtesy of Ralph Long

Ralph Long

Ralph Long is a candidate for the City Council Post 3 At-Large. Prior to this campaign, Long held office as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives District 61 from 2009 to 2013. In 2016, Long was a special election candidate for District 58 but was beat out by Park Cannon in a runoff.  


  • Emphasizes fighting for small businesses and helping small business owners
  • Plans to partner with APS in entrepreneurial pathway


  • Suggests establish a Youth Ambassador Program that works to create jobs and training for young adults to curb crime
  • States that the city council should work with Atlanta Public Schools to support students who look to be entrepreneurs after graduation

Social equity

  • Emphasizes fighting for legacy owners being displaced and preserving the soul of the city
  • Looks to tackle income disparities through a myriad of pre-existing policies 


  • Prioritizes affordable housing 
  • Changing zoning laws to increase the density in particular areas
  • Expanding senior housing options through market-rate senior housing 


  • Prioritizes improving Atlanta’s infrastructure
  • Supports sharable streets 
  • Plans to expand sidewalk coverage