Jereme Sharpe

Courtesy of Jereme Sharpe

Jereme Sharpe

Jereme Sharpe is a graduate of Georgia State University and is a licensed realtor. At age 25, he launched a real estate brokerage. He was selected as a Planner for a transportation project in Queens, New York. Sharpe is also a Chairperson for the Fairlie-Poplar Neighborhood Organization.


  • Supports $25 Minimum Wage for all City Employees
  • Plans to provide direct financial and technical support to the Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs)


  • Plans to create first-ever Atlanta Anti Human Trafficking Unit
  • Require annual mental health and performance checks for Firearms Owners in the City of Atlanta
  • Believes in Mandated Officer Therapy
  • Believes in Neighborhood Watch Networks
  • Believes in Fully Staffed Police Department

Social Equity

  • Plans to propose legislation to fully fund Social Services programs that focus on things such a Homelessness, Mental Health, and substance abuse


  • Supports implementation of affordable housing rentals
  • Believes in increasing Atlanta’s Property Tax Base Revenue
  • Plans to rebuild housing system
  • Plans to create the Registered Neighborhood Organization


  • Plans to upgrade drains and sewers
  • Plans to bury power lines
  • Plans to provide internet to all those in need