Courtesy of Mike Russell

Mike Russell

Russell is a candidate for Atlanta City Council President. Russell is a retired Army officer. After the military, he worked as a Federal Government civil service employee. Russell plans to use his military and lifetime experience to make Atlanta a better city.


  • States that he plans on building a city that is elevated and takes into account technology and all residents


  • Believes Public Safety is the most important issue
  • Served as a military police officer for almost 30 years
  • Supports community policing but not defunding the police
  • Plans to work with the Atlanta City Council, the mayor and the APD to improve law enforcement training

Social equity

  • Supports equal opportunity and is passionate about bridging the divide between races, sexualities, and gender 


  • Plans to protect legacy residents from gentrification


  • Opposes the new zoning ordinance
  • Passionate about protecting trees and green spaces