Natalyn Mosby Archibong

Courtesy of Natalyn Archilong

Natalyn Mosby Archibong

Archibong is a candidate for Atlanta City Council President. She has been on the Atlanta City Council since 2001 representing District 5 for 5 terms. She currently serves as chair of the City Utilities Committee.


  • Believes Atlanta is a center fro economic development
  • Looks to help small businesses grow and be successful


  • Prioritizes reform and solving educational disparities that lead to crime
  • Worked for 19 years with a retired Atlanta Police Officer who was the District 5 Public Safety Liaison
  • Will ensure that she will bring public input into public safety decisions.
  • Wants to increase the number of security cameras and make sure every police officer has dash cams and body cams

Social equity

  • Passionate about fixing health disparities
  • Plans to address income inequality and has already taken preliminary steps.


  • Will invest in affordable housing
  • Established the City Affordable Housing Commission


  • Secured green space for multiple community parks
  • Plans to provide funding for improving sidewalks and making communities more walkable
  • Prioritizes expanding MARTA