Courtesy of Felicia Moore

Felicia Moore

Moore currently serves as Atlanta City Council President, after serving as the City Councilmember for District 9 for 20 years. If elected, Moore aims to create safer neighborhoods, provide quality city services, responsibly manage city revenues and increase government transparency.


  • Strong advocate for economic community development and community engagement
  • Supports balanced city budget 


  • Lead the 2011 pension reform effort for the Atlanta Police Department
  • Improve the community by implementing her 5 C’s plan: Community, Cops, Courts, Code Enforcement and Children
  • Spoke out against police misconduct and systemic racism
  • Voted to decriminalize marijuana possession 

Social Equity

  • Maintain single-family neighborhoods
  • Brought Publix to Northwest Atlanta 
  • Sighted with neighborhoods against water and sewer privatization  


  • Supports the neighborhood planning unit (NPU) system
  • Keep the character of many of the single-family neighborhoods 
  • Fought for Affordable Housing Trust fund to be included in Beltline project 


  • Supports increasing light rail around the city