Courtesy of Reporter Newspapers

Sharon Gay

Gay is an attorney in the public policy practice at Dentons US LLP who previously served as the Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and as Deputy Chief of Staff and Executive Counsel to the Mayor of Atlanta. If elected, Gay aims to create additional housing and economic opportunities for underserved neighborhoods and give the police increased mayoral support. 


  • Chair of the Neighborhood Planning Unit-D
  • Strong advocate for economic community development
  • City Councilmember for District 9
  • Served 20 years before becoming President of the Atlanta City Council 


  • Providing police mayoral support to improve moral
  • Boosting incentives to attract more law enforcement officers
  • Investigating problem businesses that facilitate crime

Social Equity

  • Wants to work with public health officials and use her mayoral platform to “inform, educate and advocate” for renewed attention to HIV
  • Continue the established traditions of a full-time LGBTQ liaison and an LGBTQ advisory board


  • Develop new affordable units 
  • Bring the Atlanta Housing Authority  “back into the business” of producing housing 
  • Put vacant, city owned land to use


  • Committed to “fixing” city streets