Courtesy of Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown

Brown currently serves as the District Six Atlanta City Councilman. After creating a luxury fashion brand, he created several nonprofits aiming to support marginalized people from disadvantaged backgrounds and encourage entrepreneurship. According to his campaign website, if elected as mayor, Brown aims to create an inclusive ecosystem that provides access to quality jobs and empowers safe communities. Brown would be the first LGBTQ+ mayor of Atlanta if successful in his election bid.


  • Expand the Resurgence Grant Fund program to provide small businesses and landowners with up to $500,000 in grant funds
  • Through the $250 million workforce, provide residents access to living-wage jobs with health insurance
  • Moving those in poverty to a working middle class and supporting our 


  • Supports the citywide expansion of Atlanta Policing Alternatives and Diversion Initiative (PAD)
  • Obtained nearly $2 million to fund PAD’s expansion

Social Equity

  • Centralized LGBTQ+ community center
  • Supports inclusivity in the community


  • Construct more housing to expand affordable housing
  • Transition to permanent housing to care for the unsheltered
  • Address the city’s blight by building public-private partnerships


  • Expand internet connectivity to 5G hot spots in all neighborhoods
  • Embrace new technologies to utilize advanced technological innovations
  • Improve streamlining city management to reduce waste and redundancies