Grady Athletic Booster Club

The Grady High School Athletic Booster Club needs the support of the local community during the coronavirus pandemic to continue to fund the school’s sports.

The booster club is organized and run by the parents of students on the sports teams with the main purpose of fundraising to support Grady’s numerous sports teams.

The Grady Athletic Booster Club supports several sports, ranging from football and baseball to soccer. The booster club provides many services to Grady sports, from volunteering time to raising and contributing funds for the team’s travels.

Even though the coronavirus has changed many extra curricular activities at Grady, sports are still functioning and so members of the Athletic Booster Club find it important to continue financially supporting Grady’s sports teams. They have purchased new equipment for the football and baseball teams, while also providing travel funds so that the teams can attend all of their scheduled matches. The Grady Booster Clubs have also put in many hours to ensure that the Knights have in-person sports during the pandemic.

In order to keep supporting the sports teams of Grady High School, the Athletic Booster Club needs donations from the Grady community. If you are interested in donating, you can contact the Athletic Booster Club at [email protected] for more information. All donations during these unprecedented times will go towards supporting Grady sports teams throughout their respective seasons.