Grady Parent Teacher Student Association

The Grady Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) needs the help of the Grady community to adapt to the constraints and emergent needs of COVID-19.

The PTSA is a coalition of parents and administrators who work to support initiatives at Grady that benefit the school community. Current Co-Vice President and Fundraising member of the PTSA, Josh D’Agostino says that the PTSA’s work sets them apart from Grady’s other organizations.

“Unlike other fundraising, the Foundation for example, the PTSA is more geared toward [the] short term,” D’Agostino said. “The PTSA raises funds and provides funds for needs this school year whereas other groups are targeted toward longer term or specific [needs], like the Booster Club, which is all athletics. The PTSA helps the school in any way it can, this year.”

As former PTSA Treasure of two years, Adreinne Maxim explains, the PTSA used to fundraise by charging for parking spaces in Grady’s parking lots during events in the area. However, D’Agostino explains that due to the coronavirus pandemic, they have had to change their strategy. This year, the PTSA is holding an auction.

“Since that [selling parking spaces during events at Piedmont] is unavailable and because needs are just greater right now, people just need more things, we are going to do this auction.” D’Agostino said.

The projects that funds will go toward have also changed. Maxim says that past projects have included teacher grants for classroom materials, landscaping in the courtyard and holding social events. However, due to the pandemic and the construction on Grady’s campus, money raised this year will be used for additional school supplies for families in need, teacher appreciation gifts, teacher training, technology for the new addition to the school, etc.

People who are interested in donating can donate directly to the PTSA, have their business sponsor the auction, donate items, experiences, or services to the auction and participate in the auction in February of 2021.

“The main goal is to support the school,” said Maxim. “But it’s also to bring the school together as a family.”