Grady Cares

Since its inception in 2019, Grady Cares has helped families in need within the Grady cluster.

Grady parent and co-founder Linda Brenner said that the organization is often collecting food donations, holding clothing drives, building little free libraries and taking other actions to help those in need. As the coronavirus pandemic persists, many families within the cluster are experiencing significant hardships. Therefore, Grady Cares continues to lend a helping hand.

“What we do is we go out; this is the outbound part where we’re not going to sit around and wait,” Brenner said. “We go out to apartment complexes in the Grady cluster and regularly do food giveaways where we give food donations to families in these apartment complexes and in other communities within the Grady cluster that are in need…We do ad hoc support like that.”

Like other Grady organizations, Grady Cares relies on donations to provide assistance to families within the cluster. Brenner said that one of the things that makes Grady Cares a worthy organization to support is its ability to make a quick turnaround with the donations.

“What we do directly helps the families in our community,” Brenner said. “There’s no middleman. There’s no bureaucracy. We directly help the families that most need it in our neighborhood.”

Grady Cares plans to utilize donations to continue providing necessities to families in need into 2021.

“We will continue to do the number one thing we do, which is buying groceries to give away from different sources and giving families gift cards for groceries and personal supplies,” Brenner said. “The majority of what we’re spending money on is for groceries.”