Piedmont High is one of the proposed names to replace Grady’s current name.

Name Piedmont High School recognizes Grady’s location

The proposed name Piedmont High School is both a tribute to Grady’s proximity to Piedmont Park and a nod to the city of Atlanta’s location in the Piedmont region of the state.

The name Piedmont originated from the Italian words “pied,” which means foot, and “monte,” which translates to “hill.” A fitting name, Georgia’s geographical Piedmont region is characterized by the surplus of sloping hills.

Piedmont Park, located across the street from Grady, was originally a forest bought by pioneers for $450 in 1834. It then was used as a fairground until Piedmont Park was officially purchased by the City of Atlanta in 1905. Since then, the City has developed the grounds into a larger, pedestrian-friendly park by constructing a swimming pool, gardens, tennis courts, pathways, a dog park, and many other amenities.

Today, the park remains a cultural hub for the city. Tourists and locals alike are attracted to the festivals and events that are frequently held there, as well as the gorgeous view of the Atlanta skyline, which is visible from the main grounds of the park. Many Grady students utilize the park for sports practices and social gatherings.