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“Black Mirror” presents a fresh take on science fiction

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After watching an episode of “Black Mirror”, one may sit confused, frightened and yet strangely captivated. Every episode of the show has a different plot and a new cast of characters, but they all have one thing in common: each episode shows a different dystopia mirroring our society and what it is becoming. While not everyone can handle the twisted plot, it is one of the most meaningful and purposeful shows that is currently out.

Perhaps the most realistic episode is called “Nosedive”. This episode, written by Michael Schur and Rashida Jones, is about a society in which citizens are obsessed with status and are ranked on a social platform out of 5. Those with higher rankings have all the benefits of society, while people at the bottom have to suffer through job losses and ostracism they once pretended to be friends with.

Lacie Pound (Bryce Dallas Howard) desperately tries to boost her rank, but eventually finds that status isn’t everything. This episode provides a comparison to social media platforms today. Instagram and Snapchat dominate people’s lives and create obsessions with follower count and scores. It is a warning of future threats to our society.

Not only is this show interesting to watch, but it’s a great platform for change. The episodes allow messages and warnings to be broadcasted to people through something that they’ll pay attention to: TV. Yes, the topics are deep and heavy, but an important part of a good TV show is that it has a focus and a purpose. “Black Mirror” fulfills these requirements and exceeds viewers’ expectations.

Another unique element of “Black Mirror” is its ever-changing cast. While this may be difficult for some TV shows to handle, “Black Mirror” manages it perfectly. The fact that every episode has new characters and actors keeps the show fascinating. This can leave some people questioning each episode. Having the same set of people and characters can get boring after a couple of seasons, with viewers wanting a new take on people and events in the show. “Black Mirror” lets us see problems in our world from many different people’s eyes and fresh perspectives. This makes the show a lot more meaningful.

“Black Mirror” is very unique. Many episodes, matters, and plots are things that people have never seen repeated in other shows. The show offers many different themes in many variations. For example, the first episode deals with a high-profile kidnapping and a shocking and degrading request involving a pig. The fact that you have no idea what’s coming next makes the show fun to watch.

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“Black Mirror” presents a fresh take on science fiction