Grady Unveils Art Gallery

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Grady Unveils Art Gallery

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The Grady art department opened its new gallery and exhibition space today in the theater atrium. The space features work by Grady students, alumni, staff, and parents. The showcased art includes sculptures, paintings, sketches, and photography. The artwork currently on display will remain in the new gallery for one week before being exchanged for newer pieces.
Though the plans for the actual project were created about one year ago, John Brandhorst, head of Grady’s art department, first conceptualized the idea of an exhibition and critique space for students when he started teaching at Grady in 1999. Brandhorst believes a gallery is the acceptable way for artists to showcase their work.
“In our world [a gallery] is like a stage for actors or a field for athletes,” he said.
The new gallery was sponsored by the Grady PTSA, Pinnacle Bank, the private fund of R.J. Morris and the Atlanta Women’s Club, which has been working to help support Grady for more than five years. Two members of the club’s art committee, Rita McGregor and Jo De Gonzalez, helped Brandhorst with the funding for the gallery space.
“We were so impressed that I thought this is where a lot of our attention and efforts should go,” McGregor said. McGregor and Gonzalez agreed that they would like to continue working at Grady by promoting and volunteering for its unique programs.
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