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Sophia Maxim
Sophia is a junior and a Layout/Graphics, Photography, and Social Media Editor on the Southerner. Outside of writing, she spends her time taking photos, making art, working on theater and film productions, and participating in the Debate team.

Sophia Maxim, Layout/Graphics Editor

Dec 30, 2020
The FCC should do more to improve broadband internet access and affordability (Media)
Nov 24, 2020
Coronavirus pandemic emblematic of the failure of neoliberalism (Media)
Nov 18, 2020
Social media pulls Generation Z into politics (Media)
Oct 26, 2020
Students produce neo-western film (Story/Media)
Oct 07, 2020
Chadwick Boseman leaves lasting impact after death (Media)
Oct 02, 2020
Rise in sex trafficking hits close to home (Media)
Aug 17, 2020
Grady Forever? Committee recommends name change (Media)
May 30, 2020
The aftermath of George Floyd-inspired riots in Downtown Atlanta (Story/Media)
Apr 28, 2020
My experience with coronavirus death (Story)
Apr 16, 2020
7 Stages provides unconventional learning process (Story/Media)
Feb 07, 2020
Behind the scenes of “Sweeney Todd” (Story/Media)
Jan 27, 2020
Sleep deprivation plagues Grady students (Story/Media)
Oct 10, 2019
Candler Park Fall Fest brings neighborhood community together (Story/Media)
Mar 06, 2020
Lawson Crutcher, sophomore (Story/Media)
Feb 21, 2020
Seniors Noor Gebba, Zoe White and Lila Chiles (Story/Media)
Feb 14, 2020
Meg McGahan, sophomore (Story/Media)
Feb 13, 2020
Junior Sophia Little, Grady’s first girl wrestler, qualifies for state (Story/Media)
Jan 31, 2020
Sam Offutt, freshman (Story/Media)
Jan 23, 2020
It’s time to talk about child marriage in the U.S. (Media)
Jan 10, 2020
Athika Khpulwak, sophomore (Story)
Dec 27, 2019
Bella Ma, freshman (Story/Media)
Dec 14, 2019
Teddy Suazo, sophomore (Story/Media)
Dec 06, 2019
Snowdon Becker, senior (Story/Media)
Nov 02, 2019
Conflicts, respect, security of school environment factor into school fights (Media)
Nov 18, 2019
Sophomore expresses individuality through mural (Story/Media)
Nov 22, 2019
Zola Sullivan, junior (Story)
Nov 22, 2019
Atlanta history reflected in Downtown murals (Media)
Nov 08, 2019
Malori Switzer, sophomore (Story/Media)
Nov 01, 2019
Grady students and faculty embrace Halloween festivities (Story/Media)
Oct 18, 2019
Rylan Neil, junior (Story)
Oct 11, 2019
Chris Barnes, sophomore (Story/Media)
Sep 24, 2019
Taylor Spencer, senior (Media)
Sep 18, 2019
Dragon Con parade brings lively crowd to Downtown Atlanta (Story/Media)
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